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AASA Fashion Show


Charity Fashion Show (CFS) was originally a different event, the AASA Fashion Show (AASA). This event ran for over a decade as a platform for Asian American designers to promote awareness for various causes within their community. As the event expanded, the focus shifted to national and global issues facing not only Asian Americans, but also other minority groups. In recent years, Charity Fashion Show has put its efforts toward promoting a sweat free fashion industry. As the CFS mission expanded even further, and its goals became even more global, Charity Fashion Show became its own organization. Remaining committed to giving back to the community, and to promoting ethnic diversity, CFS not only promotes an increased arts presence on the west coast, but also ethnic and cultural diversity. CFS 2009 was the largest fashion show on the west coast, and as we prepare for future events we are committed to our original goals and promises of promoting multicultural kinship. CFS 2010, and the rest of the events from the Charity Fashion Show team, will only further these goals.

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